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1. Are products covered by the guarantee?

Our products are covered by the following guarantees:

  • for the window construction - 5 years.
  • for fittings - 5 years,
  • for window tightness - 5 years,
  • for the paint coat - 3 to 5 years

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2. What is the cost of a wooden window?

Because of the wide range of variants and options, it is not possible to specify unambiguously the unit price of the wooden window.  The preliminary quotation is provided based on the sent woodwork specifications.

3. What are the order dates?

Our standard production times are 4-6 weeks from the moment of order confirmation.


4. How often do the wooden windows require care?

Not less than twice a year, please clean the coated wooden parts with clean water in order to remove dust and at least once a year maintain the varnished surface with maintenance milk. Find out more details

5. Are wooden windows environmentally friendly?

ZIn the opinion of the Greenpeace organisation: “As long as the wood comes from well managed forests... Wooden windows are definitely the best choice for the environment (Greenpeace Briefing: Installing New Windows 1997).We use wood coming from sustainable FSC certified sources for production of our windows and doors.

6. Do I have to look for the installation company myself?

No, as well as the production of wooden door and window joinery our company provides the professional installation services in accordance with the guidelines of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.


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