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Our wooden windows and doors will last many years, as we produce them in this way. We select high class wood, we use advance varnish coats, the result of which is the highly technologically advanced product that requires minimum maintenance in order to enjoy it for many years. 


Our windows and doors are produced from wood glued in layers, in the best species coming from sustainable FSC certified sources.

The types of glued square timber in our offer (commonly called glued laminated timber) will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers looking for those commonly used on the market (e.g. red meranti, oak, pine) or wishing to distinguish themselves by using the recently trendy sapeli-African mahogany, white meranti or eucalyptus.



Red Meranti Shorea spp.

Produced in Indonesia/Malaysia

Glued in 3 layers with water-resistant adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4

Humidity 12% +/-2%

Solid outer layers; joints admissible in the central layer:

  • STANDARD class
  • Select class
  • Class 450 kg/m3+
  • Class A (Prime)


Pine (Pinus silvestris)

Produced in Poland
Glued in 3 layers with water-resistant adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 204 D4
Humidity 12% +/-2%

Solid outer layers; joints admissible in the central layer:

  • STANDARD class - average weight - 520 kg/m3






Although windows absorbed great quantities of energy in the past and caused high heat losses, our woodwork with low-emission windows became a real source of energy savings. As much as 37% of heat losses is caused by improperly sealed windows and traditional glazing of old type

A photo taken by the thermal vision camera shows clearly the heat lost in the improperly insulated house. The red and yellow surfaces mark the heat losses. As you can see, windows are such surfaces.

In our window and door joinery you will find both thermally insulated windows with the lowest heat transfer coefficients (EUROTHERM-PLUS U= 0.5 W/m k) and sound-proof windows (FONOTHERM-IPLUS) as well as burglar-proof windows.






The appropriate varnish coating system is absolutely important to maintain the durability of wooden windows and doors and their proper appearance.

Owing to the use of GORI Industry products, your finished product will gain on durability, UV protection and resistance to mechanical damage.

Our paint assortment for the finish coat covers all RAL/NCS colours and for azure colours we ensure high transparency.






The innovative technology of multiple-point locking fittings must ensure constant performance of the window. Opening, tilting, closing - day after day, year after year.

The balcony windows and doors should be operated without any problems, and besides the thermal insulation and noise protection requirements, the operation should ensure enhanced safety and protection against burglary. By fulfilling the requests of our customers, our company guarantees safety in windows by using high quality fittings of leading manufacturers such as WINKHAUS or SIEGENIA.

Apart from the enhanced safety level, ensured already in the standard fittings, we can also provide higher levels of anti-burglar security similarly to the resistance classes according to DIN EN V standards. The concept enables the presentation of several different safety levels to the customer and their appropriate implementation. And this means safety according to individual requirements.



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