Dzięki zastosowaniu systemów roletowych niemieckiej firmy Alukon, otrzymują Państwo najlepszy produkt charakteryzujące się wyjątkową jakością, najwyższym poziomem bezpieczeństwa i  komfortem, dzięki któremu elewacja Państwa domu zyskuje nowoczesny design wraz z obniżeniem zużycia energii.

Z naszej palety produktów mogą Państwo wybrać system zgodny z Państwa wymaganiami i oczekiwaniami.

Front-mounted roller shutter

Front-mounted roller shutters are mounted in front of your window and are suitable for new buildings and renovations. Front-mounted roller shutters can be equipped with special sun protections curtains. Classic roller shutter profiles, exterior blinds, s_onro curtains or ZipTex screens, we offer the ideal solution for every desire  - also with integrated insect-repelling system.

  • with extruded box

With extruded boxes special and large roller shutter constructions can be realised, even for specific architectonic requests. ALUKON-roller shutters made of extruded aluminium are robust, resilient, durable and low-maintenance.

20° bevelled - bottom acces

20° bevelled - front acces

45° front acces round rectangular Built-in-units rectangular built-in-units 20° bevelled


  • with formed - roll box

Roll-formed boxes are an inexpensive option for your roller shutter. We offer a large range of box types, from which you can choose your favourite box shape and with which your facade can be redesigned.


45° bewelled

20° bewelled quarter round round Built-in-units rectangular Built-in-units 20° bevelled


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