Our offer includes natural and mechanical ventilation systems for apartments, houses and public utility buildings.

EMM - humidity-controlled, double-stream

Simple and effective solution

The most popular humidity-controlled ventilator. Available in 4 different versions. Aesthetic design and performance reliability made the EMM ventilator become the most popular AERECO product. Together with the acoustic hood, it ensures sound insulation at the level of 38 dB.

  • Humidity-controlled: the change in the flow depends on the relative humidity inside rooms.
  • Sound insulation: Dn,e,w = 38 dB with the acoustic hood.
  • Air flow guidance: depending on the setting, the stream can be vertical or diagonal.
  • Simple maintenance: the user does not adjust the flow. The ventilator housing must be cleaned periodically.


Suited to all configurations

The directional base of the EMM air inlet makes it possible to install it with its air stream directed  according to the position of the window relative to the ceiling or to an horizontal obstacle (vertical or oblique) to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants.



A closing device against cold weather and strong winds

A manual closing device available as an option or on a specific version allows manual locking of the air inlet at minimum aperture to prevent air from entering. This option is useful in countries where winter temperatures may be very low.

EXR -Acoustic humidity sensitive air inlet

Stylish design, with maximum functions

The stylish design of the EHA² air inlet enables perfect integration on most windows or rolling shutter casings. With the inclusion of high efficiency acoustic foam the product reaches an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB when mounted with the special base and canopy. An optional device allows on demand manually closing or opening of the air inlet, complementing the humidity sensitive function available on the EHA².


Oblique air jet for occupant comfort

The oblique air jet of the EHA²  air inlet skims the ceiling ensuring progressive heating of fresh air for the improved comfort of the occupants.


Efficient protection against external noise

When installed on its acoustic base and with acoustic external canopy (A-EHA), the EHA² air inlet offers great acoustic attenuation, up to 42 dB at maximum opening, which makes it one of the best products available on the market with an air cross section this size (3 600 mm²).


Optional opening and closing device

This device is available on versions ‘5-35’ (humidity sensitive) and ‘35’ (without humidity control); it enables the occupant to choose between three modes: minimum, automatic (humidity sensitive) or maximum airflow. The device can be added after the product is installed.


Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

The efficient wall mounted alternative

Installed on the wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is the ideal choice for air admission through the wall, and thus provides an alternative where lack of available space (on window frames) prevents the installation of window mounted air inlets. With additional accessories, it reaches a high performance level of acoustic protection, until 52 dB. A manual closing device is also available for a protection against cold weather and strong wind.

Simplified wall installation

Easy to install, particularly in refurbishment, the circular hole can be made using a core drill ø100 mm, or ø125 mm (for the maximum acoustic kit).


Efficient protection against external noise pollution

The complete acoustic kit of the EHT (EHT + ø125 mm air duct + acoustic foam + acoustic canopy) allows an acoustic attenuation Dn,e,w = 52 dB, which places it among the best products available on the market.

A clever insect filter

When cleaning the insect filter nothing could be easier: the EHT air inlet is unclipped and the removable filter is easily accessible from the interior of the dwelling.



ACW: automatic airflow controller

The ACW makes it possible to limit the maximum airflow to 40 m3/h in a ø100 or ø125 mm air duct, even when the pressure exceeds 10 Pa (in case of wind for example).


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