Front Doors

Front Doors

The entrance door is one of the most important elements of each house. For this reason, the choice of wooden outer doors deserves particular attention.

Our company has dealt with design and production of outer doors for 20 years. In order to ensure the proper quality combined with the high level of safety all our outer doors are subjected to comprehensive tests.

Technical data for standard outer doors:

  • Wood: pine, meranti, oak, glued in three layers,
  • Sash filling: plywood insulated with polyurethane board or glazing packages U=1.0,
  • Fittings: flat lock, which locks the door automatically at three points, Simons Werk hinges adjusted in three planes, aluminium threshold with the thermal insert, two seals,
  • Painting with ecological acrylic varnishes of the Scandinavian company GORI,
  • Accessories: decorative handles and latches, ornaments and stained glass, wood-carving elements.

NOTE!  Upon request, we produce doors based on customised orders and designs. The price is to be agreed with the sales department of STOLCHO.


Front Doors